Tips For The Anxious Mind♡


I haven’t really posted. Anything. At all. For over a month.



(Side note: I’m going to be selfish but I want to write when I want to. Not in a sassy way just that if it’s forced it will 1. Feel like doing homework 2. look and sound forced)


Terrible situations. Everyone gets them; and they come in many varieties, but in this post I’m going to talk about being anxious and feeling trapped. Now I don’t know about anyone else but I know that some people treat anxiety as though if it’s not diagnosed it’s not there. But they couldn’t be further from the truth. Anxiety isn’t a diagnosis. It isn’t something fabricated so people can get attention. It’s cruel and difficult and selfish.

My hope for this post is that all kinds of people can take something from it, people who have friends or family with anxiety, people with it themselves and anyone else. Perhaps if you don’t have it yourself this could give you an insight- maybe help you help other people.

Enough rambling- these are my tips for if you or a friend etc. are feeling anxious, and are beginning to feel trapped.

1.Get out as soon as you can. Get to fresh air as quickly and focus on your breathifullsizerender-8ng; try as hard as you can not to think about anything else. Breathing into a paper bag (as cliche as it sounds) works as it provides you with more CO2 . If at all possible try to go for a walk. Anywhere is good but woodlands or a place where there is lots of beautiful natural scenery are particularly helpful.

*If you’re a friend, hug your friend. Help them focus on their breathing and help them get out of the situation


2. If you’re confined focus on the space. NOT how it feels like is getting small012er. How much of it is around you all over the place – everywhere. Focus on the fact that there is all of this air for you to breathe in and out , and there’s SO much. This helps distract you and feel less trapped.



3. Just drink a cold drink. Just do it in the situation and you’ll understand. For some reason it just really helps.319h

*This is pretty obvious but if you’re a friend find some water, iced coffee though maybe avoid very sugary drinks- like fizzy drinks.



Hope this helped someone and I hope to talk soon ♡