New Years Resolutions (Especially Fitness)♡


So today I’m going to be talking about my New Years Resolutions. You may think I’ve made a lot but I think that if I make loads I will surely have achieved at least one of them by the end of 2017.
So here they are:nike-trainers

  1. The classic ‘be happier’
  2. Have a completely cruelty-free makeup collection
  3. Drink more water
  4. Eat Healthier ( Tbh I’ve already completely failed this one)
  5. Join a Gym (this one is more for when I get more confidence later on in the year)
  6. Get more fit – start running

This blog post is mainly going to be about my 6th resolution, to ‘start running’ as this is the only one of my resolutions that I’ve never tried before in previous years. I guessed that I’m not the only person who is quite intimidated by the prospect of running so I thought I would share how I’ve approached it.

The first point I would like to make is that I don’t expect to see immediate results, I’m not horrendously unhappy with my body , I just want to feel healthier and feel more toned. I think an important factor in staying motivated is to not expect lots from starting running, or just exercise in general, as it just does the opposite as you aren’t seeing the immediate results you expected.

Starting from the beginning; I think a great way to become motivated is to buy gym clothes. I appreciate that for some people this may not work, and the clothes end up in a sad tucked away corner under piles of sweet wrappers. However personally I have found that buying new gym clothes is a great way to want to get out on a run. They don’t even have to be particularly expensive- the prospect of having an item which is new is still going to be just as exciting! I think that this time of year is also a good time to shop for sporty clothing because there are tonnes of sales on after Christmas. I would definately suggest looking in Topshop as they have some incredible sales on their Ivy Park clothing range.

So here’s what I bought for myself:


I also got a Calvin Klein bralette and a sports hoodie.

So one of my main tips is to start with a friend, so you can motivate each other to do it and you can help each other out during the run. It’s something good to start with someone else so that you can take the journey together and see each other’s progress. However I think it’s very important that you don’t pressure or guilt trip the other person. Mainly because it’s an unkind thing to do, as if they don’t put enough pressure on themselves. Also it will probably make them lose motivation and not want to run with you. Treat others how you want to be treated. If you’ve been having a hard day or a busy the last thing you want is someone who is supposed to be your friend making you feel bad about yourself. Don’t cross the line from being motivational into forcing run with you.

Moving on. Do not push yourself to hard to begin with. Of course there will always be people who are pro runners and are quite frankly intimidating. But it’s not about them its about you. Your personal goals and targets. Of course someone who has been running for 10 years has better stamina ,can run faster and more consistently than someone who has been running for 1 day. Don’t compare yourself to them. Instead start easy, know the area around you well, and plan carefully where you want to run. To begin with you will want a shorter, more flat run. Just remind yourself that this is just the start and that you will only get better from here.

If you choose  harder run which you really struggle to finish, where you had to walk 90% of it and were shattered , it will knock your confidence and will to carry on running.

For some people it may be a good idea for a charity run which is coming up, to work towards something. This is a good technique for those who find it difficult to start doing something, but enjoy it once they do. If you need to run for a reason, rather than having the option to opt out and stop- it gives you a much better chance at being successful at consistently running- therefore seeing results.

My final tips for starting to run are

  1. Have a badass playlist that is upbeat specifically for running
  2. Start as soon as you feel motivated so you don’t have time to talk yourself out of it
  3. Look forward to running!

Honestly I am very hopeful for my future in being more healthy and fit. Today I went on a run at dusk and the scenery was so beautiful and I felt amazing afterwards!286h-1



Happy New Year, I hope you all have success with your resolutions! x