Thoughts 🌻

Having three hours to sit and do nothing on a plane really can put things into perspective. 

First of all I realised my crippling fear of aeroplanes – but considering I’m still on my flight I think perhaps going into graphic detail about why I’m afraid of them may not be the best idea. To put it simply I feel sick with fear and a bit from the aeroplane food.

Anyway, I’ve been in Italy for two weeks and despite the constant bickering between my dad and my brother or my brother and me, I loved it; sure at times it was a lot to handle with the heat of 37 degrees and all the walking but it was fantastic. Weirdly though I can’t say I’m sad to leave. 

I think it’s a cocktail of being sick of the constant arguing, sick of being tired and just being a little homesick. ( a lot of sick haha) 

We did so much; visited the colosseum, palatine, Vatican, Sistine Chapel, the leaning tower of Pisa, visited the walled city of Lucca, Sienna, explored Rome and  saw the Trevi Fountain.

And yet each bright memory seems dulled by the arguments and anger which were taking place at the time, which is a shame as I feel to lucky to have gone but also a little guilty that I had this opportunity when many other people could only wish for it and would make the absolute most of it and enjoy every second rather than a bunch of moments. 

But despite this I feel happy that I have these memories, though some of them may not be as nice to reminisce about – I will learn from them and grow as a person. 
On another note, thank you so much for 100 followers 🙂

Considering the fact I’ve been crap at making posts regularly, and I can’t even remember the last time I wrote one  – I would like to say a very genuine thank you.

On another note I’ve been watching a lot of Dodie Clark recently ( @doddleoddle on YouTube) and she really is such a beautiful and fascinating person to watch grow and create. Her aesthetic is absolutely gorgeous, and I love how she is also breaking down the stigmas around talking about mental health and although she has had some controversy over how much she shares I think she handled it in a way we can all learn from.

So I’m not sure if those reading this are still on their summer holidays or whether they even still have a summer holiday but I’m on my final 2 weeks- quite how I’m really sure as i feel like I’ve only just broken up! But I’ve decided I’m going to make the most of it rather than sit and feel sad. No days of sitting at home watching Netflix. As nerdy as it sounds I’ll work – my GCSEs have crept up on me and are this year. I’m in the first year of the fully new, harder, system. As a result of this have two mocks before the real exams. There’s so much to know and  no one really knows how much work is needed to get the top grades- so a little extra work can’t possibly hurt. Plus if there’s any way to make the exams and run up to them less stressful I will gladly do it as I’m a massive worrier as it is. 

Thanks so much for reading after so long since my last post!

Much love Xx


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