Blogger Interview♡


So I got the chance to ask one of my favourite bloggers at the moment some questions about blogging. Her name is Rachel and her blog is called sittingintheclouds – you should all definitely check her out, she’s so lovely!



So onto the questions:

1.Where do you get the inspiration for your blog posts?

I’m a fairly creative person so I don’t find it hard to think of blog ideas and once I think of them I write them down in my bullet journal for future reference. I currently have about 3 pages full of ideas I have yet to actually post. However, other bloggers and youtubers give me amazing content ideas. Of course I don’t copy exactly and always ensure to make it my own or ask permission (if it’s a smaller blogger) if I could use the same idea.

2.What keeps your motivated to keep blogging?

It’s definietly the comments from my readers that keep me wanting to produce more content. I get some amazing feedback and kind words from my readers that it just spurs me on to better myself and my content for them.

3.How do you want to improve your blog in the new year?

I think when it comes to blogging every time I upload I’m improving my writing, my photography and my online presence. There’s not one specific thing I would like to improve on my blog this year but just continue to expand my knowledge about the blogging community and increase my online presence.

4.What is your proudest blogging achievement so far? 
On January 1st I received the most views in one day on my blog and that was a pretty epic start to the new year. 117 people visited my blog on the 1st and it’s crazy that, that amount of people want to go on my blog and see my content.

5.Who has impacted/inspired you the most in blogging/how? 

Every youtuber I watch and blog I read inspires me by reading or watching their content. It inspires me in the way of content, how I can improve my writing, how to better my photography and increase my traffic. Even if they don’t personally know it, everyone inspires me, cringe or what?

6.Where would you like to be ,blogging wise, this time in 5 years?

I would love to have a decent following. I don’t want to say any numbers and they really don’t matter to me but to keep up with my blog and to continue receive amazing comments would be lovely. I would also love to work with a brand. I’ve got many emails from different brands but either I don’t trust them because they want me to blog about them for nothing or they ask me to produce content about a subject I have never written about. One example, this company asked me to do a blog post about staying fit in the new year, I have not once blogged about fitness or health so it was really strange for me to get a request like that so I kindly turned them out. However, I would love to work with brand I’m really passionate about, either beauty or book related.

7.Who are your favourite bloggers and why do you like them?

Big bloggers that everyone knows, who doesn’t say Zoe Sugg. I adore her and just absorb everything she does youtube and blogging wise. I also love Boho Berry who is a bullet journal blogger and youtuber. They are the only two that come to mind at the moment, I have a horrible memory. I even forgot about my dentist appointment on Monday…opsie!!!

8.What do you find to be the most frustrating thing about blogging? 

Not much to be honest as blogging is just a hobby for me so it’s something I do in my down time. However, in the UK in winter, it gets dark at like 3/4 o clock in the afternoon so taking good blog pictures with natural lighting becomes really hard this time of year but I manage it….just about.

9.Where do you hope your blog will take you? 

I haven’t really thought about it to be honest. I started my blog as a place to share my passions with others who have the same/similar likes as me. Never did I think in 8 months I would have near to 500 followers. I just take each day as it comes and see what the future holds.

10.Is there any goals you have set for your blog this year?

My site is setting quite a lot of traffic at the minute so I really want to focus on expanding my online presence and growing my blog. It would be a huge milestone if I could get to 1,000 followers on my blog by the end of 2017.

11.How much time do you spend blogging a week?red-hands-woman-creative.jpg

More than people expect probably. My sister actually just started her own blog and keeps saying to me that she didn’t realise how much time blogging takes. It’s literally like a job on the side if you want to make something of yourself online these days as there is so much competition and so much to keep up with, with all the social media platforms. I have uni on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays and work at my internship on a Monday so I usually spend the entire day on Friday prepping and planning my blog posts for the week ahead so probably a good 8 or more hours a week I’d say.

12.Is blogging just a hobby or are you hoping for it to become a career?

At the moment it’s defiantly just a hobby, I think if anyone starts a blog in the hope of it becoming a career they have less chance of that dream coming true because it will start out as something a job rather than something you enjoy. People can tell if you aren’t being yourself when reading your content. It’s key to remain yourself when you start your blog and ensure your personality shines through. It would be amazing if one day I could make a living out of something I love but for now I’m more than happy for blogging to be a hobby and something I do on the side. I would hate for it to become stressful.

13. Who takes the majority of the photos for your blog? 

It really depends whose around. All my friends and family know about my blog and support me so it varies from my mum to my sister and my boyfriend. Those are my main photographers for OOTD posts. However, I take the majority of my pictures myself as I love photography, I just ask for help when I want outfit pictures really and anything else I can’t take by myself, such as MOTDs.

14.If you had to recommend your top three favourite bloggers who would they be? 

I’ll go with small bloggers, people I follow on WordPress who I feel need more recognition for the work they put into their blogs. The first one is Amelia from Rosetintedpics. Her photos are amazing and I’m always in awe of her content. The second will have to be Jessica Jade. And finally other Jessica and she’s Jessica Riga. All three of these lovely ladies are beauty/lifestyle bloggers and I just love their content, the way they write and their photos are just to die for.


Be yourself, people know when you aren’t. Make sure your personality comes through as that’s a very good USP (unique selling point) and what will help draw readers in.
Social media is key. To build a good following, sign up to social media platforms or create accounts dedicated to your blog. I have my personal and blog twitter and instagram combined as I think it’s a useful tool as readers want to know whose behind the blog on a more personal level.And because of this don’t just use your social media accounts for promotion, people don’t like that. So basically, use social media and be yourself are my number one tips.

I had so much fun interviewing Rachel, it was so lovely that she took the time to answer all of my questions and she was so patient with me!

I hope you all enjoyed reading, and took something away from this interview that you can use to help your own blog. A massive thank you again to Rachel and to all of you who read this blog post!

Thank you all so much and have a lovely evening ♡pp2


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